Orphan Doll by Healy Lange

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I was lucky enough to be interviewd by Jane Sathe ahead of our Orphan Doll premiere at The Vinegar Hill Theatre.

Check out the story! 

Orphan Doll - THE TRAILER

Orphan Doll

Premiering Fall 2022!

Come see our premiere at the Indie Short Film Series in Virginia. One night only, Sept. 24th. Get your tickets now at the indie short film series!

Orphan Doll by Healy Lange

Come see our film at the Indie Short Film Series, The Vinegar Hill Theatre in Virginia. Sept 24th. Get your tickets now!

Go to indieshortfilmseries NOW to get your tix.

Orphan Doll

Directed by Healy Lange, Orphan Doll explores the world of a young girl whose imminent reality is so terrifying, that she chooses instead, to create an alternate universe.

Healy Lange - Writer, Director, ORPHAN DOLL